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  • 16.10. - I finally got Spitfire Albion and decided that epic journey begins:
  • 11.7. - I put up a massive celtic music playlist

    - check out also my new blog Celtic Music blog
  • 8.7. - I decided to test DeepDreamVideo and create Google AI dream of famous paintings
  • 1.5 - new romantic soundtrack tune:
  • 12.2 - I joined AdRev to gain better control over Youtube music use. I recommend joining it as a musician if you want to monetize your tunes on youtube easily and with no hassle.
  • 8.1. - I joined Audiojungle, you can now licence my tunes also from there: Royalty free stock music from Matti Paalanen


I'm a composer/producer from Finland and have produced mainly instrumental music since 2001. My main projects revolve around stock music, epic music, piano music, background music, film music, ambient and minimalism genres. I release my music under Creative Commons but offer commercial licences via french I specialise in free background music, hence Creative Commons. Creative Commons music is getting bigger and bigger these days and I have been one of the most licenced artists on Jamendo for three years now. I have specialized in producing instrumental music using virtual orchestra sound libraries in spirit of film music / soundtrack music. I also produce electronic ambient soundscapes and more modern crossover tunes that integrate virtual orchestra with electronic patterns and elements. Also with the Frozen Silence project I create minimalistic piano music and guitar music with instrumental, mainly melancholic atmospheres.


Some of my albums are now available on Spotify as well, feel free to tune in!


My instrumental music has been integrated widely these past few years into various projects as background music ranging from webpages to commercials and DVD marketing products. It has definitely found it's place among the vast library of stock music available in the modern day internet! Two Steps From Hell is still a long way a head, but here I come! I have been responsible for the music production of the following two Elisa promotion videos with really epic music tunes:

The videos were produced by Dicole. I have also released collections of my tunes as background music addon packs for popular computer role-playing game Oblivion and they have received warm welcome and a large following:
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